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Special Session

Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing: Challenges and Opportunities


Dr. Hausi A. Müller

Professor, University of Victoria General Chair, IEEE Quantum Week 2021 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE21), Oct 18-22, 2021


Quantum computing has the potential to achieve breakthroughs in simulation, optimization, machine learning, finance, cybersecurity, medical science and healthcare, logistics, transportation, and many more. Over the last five years, quantum computing has evolved from a field of scientific research to a full-fledged technology industry. Much progress is still needed to solve real-world problems with quantum technology and achieve true blue quantum advantage. Industry, governments and universities are all experimenting with advanced quantum computing technology to become quantum ready and eventually achieve quantum advantage. They combine quantum and classical approaches to form hybrid models, architectures, runtimes, algorithms and techniques to overcome the limitations NISQ (noisy intermediate quantum) computers thereby integrating internet accessible HPC centers and quantum clouds provided by IBM Quantum, D-Wave Systems, Microsoft Azure, Honeywell, Google, Rigetti, Amazon Braket, Xanadu, or IonQ. Such hybrid approaches are rapidly emerging to explore quantum computing killer applications, such as molecule simulations and exponential algorithm speed-up for hard problems. In this talk, we will discuss challenges and opportunities in the realm of hybrid quantum-classical computing when integrating HPC and quantum computing platforms in the quest of achieving quantum advantage through scalable infrastructure.


Hausi A. Müller is a Professor of Computer Science at UVic. He was Associate Dean of Research, Faculty of Engineering (2009-2019). He is Co-Chair of the IEEE Future Directions Quantum Initiative and serves on the IEEE Conferences Committee (2019-2021). He is General Chair of IEEE Quantum Week 2021, the inaugural IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing & Engineering (QCE21) []. He was Vice President of IEEE Computer Society (CS) Technical and Conferences Activities (T&C) Board (2016-2018), member of the CS Board of Governors (2015-2017), chair of the CS Technical Council on Software Engineering (2011-2015). With his research group, he collaborates extensively with industry as an international expert in software engineering, software evolution, quantum computing, adaptive systems, IoT, and intelligent cyber-physical systems. He is a principal investigator of an IBM CAS Project on Quantum Problem Solving and Algorithm Design on the IBM Quantum platform. He is a principal investigator of NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) grants on Quantum Computing and Dependable Internet-of-Things Applications (DITA), respectively. As part of the British Columbia Quantum Ecosystem, he teaches a graduate-undergraduate course on Quantum Algorithms and Software Engineering.