Program for 2021 IEEE URUCON


SPECIAL SESSION: "Accelerating Cities' Digital Transformation through standards"

SPECIAL SESSION: "Our Planet's Sustainability Crisis in 2021"

SPECIAL SESSION: "Disciplined Agile Strategies" (Traducción simultanea)

TUTORIAL: " Zero touch management and orchestration of network slices in 5G and beyond networks" (Traducción simultanea)

SPECIAL SESSION: "Bionic limbs and neurorehabilitation of pain"

KEYNOTE: " Vehículos Autónomos para el Agro"

LUNCH PAUSE day 1 - NOV 24 Wednesday

SPECIAL SESSION: " Battery Storage Technologies & Their Potential Applications in the Power Systems" (traducción simultanea)

SPECIAL SESSION: "How to create a Holistic Strategy to IA?"


TUTORIAL: "Despacho óptimo de energía con asimilación de pronósticos"

SPECIAL SESSION: "The Lungpacer approach to rescue critically ill patients from mechanical ventilation"

SPECIAL SESSION: "Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing: Challenges and Opportunities" (Traducción simultanea)

SPECIAL SESSION: "5G RF safety concerns and the new IEEE C95.1-2019 safety standard." (Traducción simultanea)

Official Opening of URUCON 2021

Uruguay KEYNOTE: "Math science and Technology for pandemic response"

ORAL SESSION: PES I - Power and Energy / Inst & Measurements

Optimal Operation for the IEEE 33 Bus Benchmark Test System With Energy Storage
Diego Feroldi and Pablo G Rullo
Power Flow and Fault Analysis Using Graph Theory
Renato S. F. Ferraz, Rafael S. F. Ferraz, Augusto C. Rueda-Medina and Marcia H. M. Paiva
Performance Analysis of Three-Phase Power Flow Algorithms in Power Distribution Networks
Mateus Franco Girardi and Jonatas Leite
Constructive Heuristic Algorithm in Multi-Start Structure Applied in Distribution Systems Expansion Planning
Matheus de Almeida, Carlos Roberto Mendonça da Rocha and Ricardo Luiz Barros de Freitas

ORAL SESSION: CAS I - Circuits & Systems

Total Irradiated Dose Measurement Using N-MOST Based Oscillator
Juan L Castagnola, Pablo Petrashin, Agustín Laprovitta and Walter Lancioni
Arturo System: A Miracle From 1996 to 2021 for Electronic Support Warfare in Ecuadorian Army
Rubén León, Alexis F. Tinoco-S., Diego Calderon, Monserrate Reinoso, Manolo Paredes, Fernando Lara and Hector Moya
An Area and Power-Efficient Cubic Array Multiplier Exploring Parallel Prefix Adders
Morgana Macedo Azevedo da Rosa, Marcel Basso and Eduardo da Costa
A Novel Asynchronous Pipeline Architecture With Less-Registers Using NULL Convention Logic
Gabriel Duarte and Duarte Oliveira

ORAL SESSION: COMM I / BTS: Communication Systems & Broadcasting

On the Energy Efficiency of One-Layer SISO Rate-Splitting Multiple Access
Wilson De Souza Junior, Taufik Abrão and Victor Croisfelt
Evaluating the Licklider Transmission Protocol Using Software-Defined Radio
Dharun Anandayuvaraj and Ricardo Lent
Indoor Localization Using Graph Neural Networks
Facundo Lezama, Gastón García González, Federico Larroca and Germán Capdehourat
Mathematical Expression of the Bit Error Ratio in Terms of the SNR and Laser Linewidths in Digital Coherent Optical Communication Systems
Lucas Rehder, Débora Beatriz Claro Zanitti, Cintya W. O. Benedito, Jose Augusto de Oliveira, Mirian Santos, Rafael Abrantes Penchel, Grethell Georgina Pérez Sánchez, Marcelo Abbade and Ivan Aldaya

ORAL SESSION: PES II - Power and Energy / Inst & Measurements

Hybrid Microgrid Based on Solid State Transformer
Arthur Amorim, Ana Corte, Adriano F Nardoto, Lucas Encarnação, Nelson Santana and Walbermark Santos
Development of a Relational Database Oriented on the Common Information Model for Power Distribution Networks
João Victor de Barros and Jonatas Leite
Optimal PQ Monitor Allocation for Voltage Sags Indices Calculation
Carlos Cardoso da Costa e Silva Junior and Roberto Chouhy Leborgne
Measurement Systems for High Voltage Transients in Power Networks
Rogelio Sandler, Marcelo Brehm, Daniel Slomovitz, Alejandro Santos, Gonzalo Aristoy and Luis Astesiano

ORAL SESSION: CAS II - Circuits & Systems

Continuation Power Flow: A Parameterization Technique and Adaptive Step Size Control
Alfredo Bonini Neto, Luís Roberto Gabriel Filho and Dilson Amancio Alves
Material Characterization for Using in Low Cost Printed Electronics
Daniel Crepaldo, Federico Pacher, Eduardo Bailón and María Isabel Schiavon
Methodology for the Creation of More Realistic Scenarios of Rooftop PVs Allocation in Monte Carlo Studies
Diego Gomes de Almeida, Fernanda Trindade and Tiago Ricciardi
Low-Level Algorithm for a Software-Emulated I2C I/O Module in General Purpose RISC-V Based Microcontrollers
Roberto Carlos Molina Robles, Alfonso Chacón Rodríguez, Ronny García Ramírez, Renato Rímolo Donadio and Alfredo Arnaud

ORAL SESSION: COMM II / BTS: Communication Systems & Broadcasting

On the SE and EE in Massive MIMO and NOMA
Thiago A. B. Alves and Taufik Abrão
Half-Wave Dipole Antenna Design Comparison of 60, 67 y 74 GHz Frequencies
Lenin Aucatoma, Israel De La Torre, Fausto López and Veronica Soria
Exploring Performance of a Spread Spectrum-Based Audio Watermarking System Using Convolutional Coding
Carlos J Santin Cruz and Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek
An Integer Linear Programming Approach for Phasor Measurement Unit Placement
Renato S. F. Ferraz, Rafael S. F. Ferraz, Augusto C. Rueda-Medina and Marcia H. M. Paiva

ORAL SESSION: PES III - Power and Energy / Inst & Measurements

Comparative Analysis of the Daily Operation in a Small Grid-Connected PV-Storage System Focusing on Maximizing Self-Consumption
Santiago Machado, Fabricio Fontana, Conrado Fleck dos Santos, Vinicius Marins Cleff and Mauricio M da Silva
Pump as Turbine for Grid Flexibility in Uruguay, Optimal Scale & Performance Prediction
Federico Sanz and José Cataldo
Comparative Analysis of Wind and Solar Micro-Generation for an off Grid System in the City of Cuenca-Ecuador
Diego X. Ochoa, Mateo Ronquillo and Flavio Alfredo Quizhpi Palomeque
Levelized Cost of Storage for Lithium Batteries, Considering Degradation and Residual Value
Jonathan P. Layedra, Maximiliano Martínez and Pedro E. Mercado
Hybrid Model of Artificial Neural Network-Cuckoo Search for Irradiance and Load Forecasting
Rafael S. F. Ferraz, Renato S. F. Ferraz, Augusto C. Rueda-Medina and Jussara Fardin

ORAL SESSION: CAS III - Circuits & Systems

Simulación y Análisis de Fallas Eléctricas En Una Microrred Aislada Con Integración de Generación Fotovoltaica y Almacenamiento En Baterías
Rodrigo Manuel Schierloh, Fabio Vincitorio, José Godoy and Jorge R Vega
A Bulk Bias 1V 5GHz Low Power LC VCO With Transconductance Stabilization
Fellipe Sola, Hugo Daniel Hernandez and Wilhelmus Van Noije
Smart Platform for Active Electrical Materials - A Dimmer for LED Lighting
Felipe Estévez, Alfredo Arnaud, Bruno Bellini and Matias Miguez
Modeling and Prototyping of a Microfluidic Device for DNA Amplification
Samuel T. da S. Maraschin, Paulo R. da S. Pereira, Carlos A. Cima, Luíse C. Dalló, Priscila S. Lora and Celso Peter

ORAL SESSION: COMM III / BTS: Communication Systems & Broadcasting

A CPW Fed Metasurface Multi Band Antenna With Aperture Coupling
Lalit Reddy Muthyala, Chilukuri Sulakshana and Meghana Anumula
A Preliminary Study on Quality of Experience Assessment of Compressed Audio File Format
Jawwad Ali Baloch, Awais Khan Jumani, Asif Ali Laghari, Vania V Estrela and Ricardo Lopes
Massive MIMO Demodulation Aided by NN
Gabriel D Polvani, Victor Croisfelt and Taufik Abrão
Design and Development of a Low-Cost Wireless Network Using IoT Technologies for a Mudslides Monitoring System
Frank Enrique Meléndez Coveñas, Ricardo Palomares, Marco A. Milla, Joaquin Verastegui and José Cornejo
Using Open-Source Software QucsStudio to Design a Microwave Amplifier for SDR Applications
Javier Rivera Suaña, Javier Mendoza Montoya, Omar Castillo Alarcón and Ernesto Àvila Navarro

SPECIAL SESSION: "Aumento de la Generación de Energía Renovable en Paraguay"

Recognition: "HACKATON BIG BANG 2021 - Eficiencia Energética, UTE-UTEC"

SPECIAL SESSION: "La infraestructura de Internet que da soporte al tráfico de los usuarios: IXPs + CDNs"

LUNCH PAUSE day 2- NOV 25 Thursday

ORAL SESSION: PES IV - Power and Energy / Inst & Measurements

Satellite-Based Operational Solar Irradiance Forecast for Uruguay's Solar Power Plants
Rodrigo Alonso-Suárez, Franco Marchesoni, Liber Dovat and Agustin Laguarda
Wind Farms End of Life Strategies - Uruguay's Future Challenge
Priscila S Ebert and Franciele Weschenfelder
A Review of Operating Reserves in Power Systems With High Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources
Rafael Alberto Garcia, Maximiliano Martínez and Pedro E. Mercado
Comparison of Ride-Through Characteristics in Aggregate and Detailed Models of DERs
Jorge Sancho Chaverri, Francisco Escobar, Jorge Andrés García and Gustavo Valverde

ORAL SESSION: CAS IV - Circuits & Systems

An Accurate and Flexible Pneumatic Generator for NNS Stimulation Tests
Jose Costa Pereira, Carlos Banha, Manuel S Cunha and João Barreiros
An Empirical Energy Consumption Analysis in a Cattle Geolocation Device
Juan Pablo Becoña and Alfredo Arnaud
SEE Detection and Mitigation Strategy for GNSS Coprocessor IP-Core
Juan G. Diaz and Javier G García
Self-Checkout System Prototype for Point-Of-Sale Using Image Recognition With Deep Neural Networks
Rafael Sotelo, Nicolás Rondán, Jimena Fernández-Palleiro, Romina Salveraglio, M. Eugenia Rodríguez-Rimoldi and Nicolas Ferro

ORAL SESSION: BIO I - Biomedical Engineering

Linear Correlation Between the Fractal Dimension of Surface EMG Signals and the Peak Power of Vertical Jumps
Carlo M Biancardi, Ramiro Chumino and Gonzalo Gianneechini
Design of Biomedical Soft Robotic Device for Lower Limbs Mechanical Muscle Rehabilitation and Biochemical Monitoring Under Reduced-Gravity Space Environment
Victor Ticllacuri, José Cornejo, Niels E Castrejon, Aurora B. Diaz, Katherine Hinostroza, Devjoy Dev, Yen-kai Chen, Paul Palacios, Walter Castillo, Mariela Vargas, Jorge A. Cornejo-Aguilar, Juan G. Montalvan Lume and Avid Roman-Gonzalez
3D Reconstruction of Damage Caused by a Stroke Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Processing
Nubia Palacios-Quecan, Sandra Liliana Cancino and Camilo Pérez Ospino
Characterization and Classification Algorithm for Mammography Images by Means of the BIRADS Assessment Categories
María M. Marquez-Sosa, Juan M. López López, Álvaro D. Orjuela-Cañón and Sandra Liliana Cancino

ORAL SESSION: PES V - Power and Energy / Inst & Measurements

Optimal Location of an SVC in a Microgrid to Improve the Dynamic Voltage Stability
Luis A. Paredes, Marcelo G. Molina and Benjamín R Serrano
Partial Implementation of the Folded Line Equivalent Transmission Line Model in the ATP Version of the Electromagnetic Transients Program
Jaimis S. L. Colqui, Luis Timaná, Pablo Torrez Caballero and Sérgio Kurokawa
Using a SMIB Model to Analyse and Damp the Electromechanical Modes in Multigenerator Plants
Fernando De Marco, Nelson Martins and Pablo G Rullo
Response to the Intermediate Source Effect and Mutual Coupling of the Distance Relay With CMC 356 Test Set
Joel A Agila Rios, Juan F Piña and Flavio Alfredo Quizhpi Palomeque

ORAL SESSION: CAS V - Circuits & Systems

Human Activity Recognition Using Machine Learning Techniques in a Low-Resource Embedded System
Ilana Stolovas, Santiago Suárez, Diego Pereyra, Francisco de Izaguirre and Varinia Cabrera
Energy Measurement Laboratory for Heterogeneous Hardware Evaluation
Leandro Diaz, Rodrigo Moreira, Federico Favaro, Ernesto Dufrechou and Juan P Oliver
Low Cost Embedded Iot System to Record Meteorological, and Inertial Data in Remote Places
Yaneth Chavez-Rivera, Brayan Antonio Espinoza-Garcia and Pablo Yanyachi
Assistive Technology: A Multimodal Interface to Control PC Mouse Pointer and Click
Santiago Bacelar, Rocío Curiel, Santiago Vanoli, María Agustina Pérez, Francisco Veirano and Pablo Pérez-Nicoli

ORAL SESSION: BIO II - Biomedical Engineering

Lower Limb Muscles Modeling With Logical Gates for Gait Analysis Instruction
Rocío Cabral, Isabel Morales, Carlo M Biancardi, Andrea Mattiozzi and Franco Simini
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support High Fidelity Simulator: Review and Feasibility Analysis
Anibal Las, Isabel Morales, Isabel Ribeiro, Gonzalo Ferreira and Franco Simini
Towards the Detection of Intraintestinal Gas by Microwave Reflectometry in Critical Patients
Sason Buchnik, Matan Gelgor, Francisco Pracca and Marcelo David
Telecommunications and Electronic Systems Analysis of T-EVA to Enhance the Body Temperature Monitoring During Extravehicular Activities on Mars Analog
Paul Palacios, José Cornejo, Walter Castillo, Milton V. Rivera, Juan C Chavez, Susana Tristan and Jinmi Lezama

ROUND TABLE: ¿Qué tan renovable será el mercado eléctrico en Latino América en 2040?

Closing words day 2

ORAL SESSION: PES VI - Power and Energy / Inst & Measurements

An Ultra Stable Zener Voltage Standard - Fifteen Years of Surveillance
Heriguati de Souza, Leonardo Trigo and Daniel Slomovitz
Dissolved Gas Analysis, Recent Changes in Standards. Application to Wind Farm Collector Transformers
Jorge Fernandez Daher
Substation Monitoring Systems for Asset Management, Development and Analysis of Results
Jorge Fernandez Daher
Gestión de La Recarga de Vehículos Eléctricos y Su Impacto Sobre La Red de Distribución
Mariano M Perdomo, Ulises Manassero and Jorge R Vega


Quantum Circuit Design Using Neural Networks Assisted by Entanglement
Carolina Allende, Efrain Buksman and André Fonseca de Oliveira
Failure Prediction in Automatic Reclosers Using Machine Learning Approaches
Sophia Boing Righetto, Guilherme Gonçalves Nunes, Edgar Gerevini Carvalho, Marcos Aurelio Izumida Martins, Leandro Takeshi Hattori and Silvia De Francisci
Placement of CPU-Intensive Virtual Machines in High Resource Utilization Cloud Datacenters. an Economical Revenue Maximization Analysis
Alejandro Viveros and Fabio López Pires
A Range Proof Scheme Analysis for the Mimblewimble Cryptocurrency Protocol
Adrian Silveira, Gustavo Betarte, Maximiliano Cristia and Carlos Luna

ORAL SESSION: CS I - Control Systems

Modeling and Control of a Furuta Pendulum
Alejandro Bellati, Nicolás Perez Blengio, Fabián Cancela, Pablo Monzón and Nicolás Pérez
Longitudinal Control of an Autonomous Truck With Unobserved Gears
José Nuno A. D. Bueno, Lucas Marcos, Kaio Rocha and Marco Terra
Architecture and Design Considerations for an Autonomous Mobile Robo
Juan Pechiar
Automatic Generation Control Analysis of the Uruguayan Power System
Gabriel Di Lavello and Pablo Monzón

ORAL SESSION: PES VII - Power and Energy / Inst & Measurements

Probabilistic Modeling for the Uruguayan Electrical Load: Present Capacity and Current Improvements
Eliana Cornalino, Vanina Camacho, Damián Vallejo, Gabriela Gaggero and Valentina Groposo
Generation Investment Planning and Risk Management in BANI Context
Gonzalo Casaravilla, Ruben Chaer and Ximena Caporale
Impact of Electromobility Deployment Scenarios in the Power System of Uruguay by 2028
Lorena Di Chiara, Federico Ferres and Felipe Bastarrica
Teaching a Robot the Optimal Operation of an Electrical Energy System With High Integration of Renewable Energies
Ruben Chaer, Vanina Camacho, Ximena Caporale, Juan Felipe Palacio, Pablo Soubes, Damián Vallejo and Ignacio Ramirez


Applying Bayesian Networks to Help Physicians Diagnose Respiratory Diseases in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic
Ernesto Ocampo, Juan Francisco Kurucz, Lucas Lois, Agustín Paredes, Josefina Rodríguez, Francisco Piria and Silvia Herrera
Predicting Wireless RSSI Using Machine Learning on Graphs
Claudina Rattaro, Federico Larroca and Germán Capdehourat
Large-Scale IoT Network Offloading to Cloud and Fog Computing: A Fluid Limit Model
Gonzalo Belcredi, Laura Aspirot, Pablo Monzón and Pablo Belzarena
Evaluation of Color Transfer Algorithm in IR Images Nocturnal Scenes
André Herrera-Chacón and Luis Chavarria-Zamora

ORAL SESSION: CS II - Control Systems

Distributed Control of the Sewage System
Agustin Rodriguez Esteva, Pablo Monzón and Javier Román
Formation Control for Thermal Multi-Agent Systems
Hector Lopez-Gonzalez, Eduardo Hernandez-Martinez, Rogelio Portillo-Velez, Enrique Ferreira, Jose-Job Flores-Godoy and Guillermo Fernandez-Anaya
A Dynamic Equivalent Model for Testing the Paraguayan-Argentinean Interconnected Power System Devices Using Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation
Jonas Pesente, Paulo Galassi, Leonardo Rodrigues, Guilherme Justino and Felilpe Crestani
Multivariable Control Structure Selection for Active Distribution Networks
Pablo G Rullo, Diego Feroldi and David Zumoffen

ORAL SESSION: PES VIII - Power and Energy / Inst & Measurements

Dynamic Pricing for Electric Fleet Vehicle Recharge at Semi-Fast Charging Stations
Débora Batissoco Sanches de Oliveira, Sophia Boing Righetto, Jessica Ceolin de Bona, Josué Silveira, Luciano Roncalio and Ilana França
Baterías En Vehículos Eléctricos Conectados a La Red
Federico Arismendi, Juan Pedro Carriquiry and Mario Vignolo
The Challenge of Electric Mobility in Paraguay: Development, Regulations and Incentives
Gabriel Pereira, Arturo González and Richard Ríos
A Simple Levelized Cost of Charging Electric Vehicles in Uruguay
Sebastián Montes de Oca, Gonzalo Belcredi and Pablo Monzón


A Process Mining-Based Approach for Attacker Profiling
Marcelo Rodríguez, Gustavo Betarte and Daniel Calegari
Study of the Impacts of Inserting Distributed Photovoltaic Generators in the Protection of Energy Distribution Systems
Nelson R. Silva, Luis Silva, Marcelo Escobar de Oliveira, Hugo Rocha and Ghunter Viajante
Determination of the Optimal Distribution for Loading Cargo Vehicles Using the IBM Qiskit VQE Algorithm
Rafael Sotelo, Diego Gibert, Laura Gatti, Martin Machin, Maximiliano Stock, Ignacio Méndez, Joaquin Fernandez-Ojeda and Juan-Diego Orihuela
Towards a Massively-Parallel Version of the SimSEE
Raúl I Marichal, Damián Vallejo, Ernesto Dufrechou and Pablo Ezzatti

ORAL SESSION: CS III - Control Systems

Rejection of Disturbances Due to Drag and Lift Forces Present in the Taking off of SUAVI-Type UAV
Yair Lozano-Hernández, Victor G Sánchez, Carlos Castillo, Hugo Rodriguez and Oscar Gutiérrez
Why and How to Construct a Device for Hail Simulation
Florencia Blasina, Andrés Echarri, Gabriel Farber, Federico Molina, Sofía V Machin and Nicolás Pérez
Adaptación de Sensores Inferenciales: Análisis Mediante Cartas de Control Para El Ajuste del Bias
Carlos I Sanseverinatti, Mariano M Perdomo, Emmanuel Sangoi, Luis Clementi and Jorge R Vega
A Drawing Robot Pipeline With Artist-Inspired Execution
Jimena Arruti, Martín Ottavianelli, Alfredo E Solari, Pablo Monzón, Pablo Muse and Juan P Oliver
Gradient-Based Algorithm for the Distinction of Fault and Inrush Currents in Low Power Transformers
Robson Fabricio Pinto Moreira, Vinicius Marins Cleff, Everton Granemann Souza and Chiara das Dores do Nascimento

SPECIAL SESSION: "Potencial de exportación de Energías Renovables de Chile y Latinoamérica"

LUNCH PAUSE day 3 - NOV 26 Friday

ORAL SESSION: PES IX - EDU I - Education / Power and Energy

Analysis of Lightning Protection Models for Wind Turbine Blades
Renan H. M. Callegari, José Pissolato Filho and Ricardo Augusto de Araujo
A New Simplified Method for Soil Modeling in Two Horizontal Layers
Marcos T Andrade
Revisiting No-Load Parameters in Steady-State Equivalent Circuits for Distribution Transformers
Diego M. Ferreyra
Software Engineering Project-Based Learning in an Up-To-Date Technological Context
Alejandro Adorjan and Martin Solari

ORAL SESSION: COMP TEMS I - Computer / Technology Management

Performance Analysis of Wi-Fi Networks Based on IEEE 802.11ax and the Coexistence With Legacy IEEE 802.11n Standard
Fabián Frommel, Germán Capdehourat and Benigno Rodriguez
Marco Para La Implementación de Microrredes Coordinadas Con Blockchain En Uruguay
Ramón A Bonillo Peña and Daniel A Perez Mendez
Mixture Density Networks Per Hour-Month Applied to Wind Power Generation Forecast
Damián Vallejo and Ruben Chaer
Blockchain and IoT- Challenges and Its Role in Security: A Brief Overview
Jefferson Yallico Tapia and Diego Avila-Pesantez

ORAL SESSION: SP I - Signal Processing

Fingerprint Recognition Based on Wavelet Transform and Ensemble Subspace Classifier
Andres Rojas and Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek
Ensemble of Machine Learning Models for an Improved Facial Emotion Recognition
Sergio D. Pulido, Nubia Palacios-Quecan, Michelle Ballen-Cárdenas, Sandra Liliana Cancino, Alejandra Rizo-Arévalo and Juan M. López López
Digital Prototyping of a Microprocessor Controlled Active Knee Prosthesis
Guilherme G Fiorezi, Pedro H Fabriz Ulhoa, Antônio Bento Filho and Rafhael Andrade


Developing Cooperative Learning and TV-Like Quizzes to Improve Students' Motivation in Higher Education
Óscar Fresnedo, Paula M. Castro, Adriana Dapena and Francisco Laport Lopez
The Teaching of Antenna´s Course During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Norberto O Dalmas Di Giovanni, Argentina, Carolina Giuffrida, Mauro Duarte and Paolo Reynalde
Training Methodology for Applied Research in the Graduation Mentoring Process of Engineering Students
Joe Llerena-Izquierdo and Raquel Ayala-Carabajo
Improving the Serious Game Design Using Game Learning Analytics and Eye-Tracking HCI: A Pilot Study
Diego Avila-Pesantez, Brandon Alexander Tubón Usca, Bryan Gagñay Angamarca and L. Miriam Avila

ORAL SESSION: COMP TEMS II - Computer / Technology Management

A Collaborative Design Tool to Support Learning Environments During Emergent Remote Learning
Benito Auria, Valeria Barzola and Vanessa Echeverria
Design and Implementation of Digital Platform for e-Government
José Ortiz-Bejar and Jesús Ortiz-Bejar
Implementation of a High-Performance Portable Real-Time Dehazing System Using the DCP Algorithm
Allan Navarro-Brenes and Luis Chavarria-Zamora
On the Compliance of Blockchain Technology With Data Protection Regulations
Maria Fernanda Molina, Gustavo Betarte and Carlos Luna

ORAL SESSION: SP II - Signal Processing

Model Order Selection for Sum of Complex Exponentials
Raymundo Jose Albert and Cecilia G. Galarza
A Wearable, Cloud-Based System to Enable Alzheimer's Disease Analysis, Diagnosis, and Progression Monitoring
Gabriela Arzate Bello, Carlos Rodrigo Rogel Hurtado, Jose Sebastian Reyes Lopez, Luis Montesinos and Edgar Lopez-Caudana
Tomato Segmentation on Natural Background Using Multi Operation of Edge Detection and Reconstruction
Anindita Septiarini, Dandi Nova Siswoyo, Hamdani Hamdani, Masna Wati, Joan Widians and Novianti Puspitasari
Resource Optimization of the Eulerian Video Magnification Algorithm Towards an Embedded Architecture
Ki Sung Lim, Eduardo Moya-Bello and Luis Chavarria-Zamora

Uruguay KEYNOTE: "Plan Ceibal: Enhancing learning outcomes at low-income schools through technology"

Closing words URUCON 2021

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